Are you switched on to the right tariff?

Could you be paying over the odds for your electricity? It’s a possibility. A large percentage of micro-businesses are on default tariffs ultimately meaning that a lot are being charged at a premium rate for their essential services.

Did you know 45% of micro-businesses are on default electricity tariffs? According to research from an Ofgem report, this now means that whilst this doesn’t seem alarming news, it might be worth noting that the majority of default tariffs are often the most expensive rates offered.

Total revenues from the sale of gas and electricity by the Six Large Energy Firms exceeded £45 billion in 2013, of which revenues from sales to SMEs were around £4 billion, that’s 9% of the market.


Switch and save today

Utilities are crucial to running your business every day but paying over and above makes the day-to-day profit margins slimmer and slimmer.

Don’t be in the minority, be part of the majority and get switched on to the best tariff that not only suits the needs of your business but one will that will save you money too. Here at Clear Business we make it easy to switch your services so the transition is smooth.

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