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It’s something that business owners often take for granted but in most instances, water supply is a vital component to day-to-day business operations. Some businesses rely on water supply more than others but one thing’s for sure, a reliable water supply and service is something pretty much every business requires.

When it comes to water, we know what we’re talking about. Having operated in the Scottish water market since 2012, more businesses have switched to Clear Business water than any other licensed provider. We understand what businesses require from their water service supplier which is probably the reason that more than 1000 Scottish businesses on average continue to switch to Clear Business water every month. That many businesses can’t all be wrong, surely?


What’s waste water? Well, often overlooked, waste water and trade effluent services are just as important as your water supply.

To clarify, waste water is grey water, so basically anything that goes down a sink in the property, and sewage – which is foul waste etc.

Drainage is liquid waste which runs into the drainage system from properties and roads. Businesses share the cost to drain Scotland’s roads and prevent flooding. Property drainage is the cost of returning water from the property into the sewers that, if that property hadn’t been built would have been able to drain naturally. Nevertheless because a property has been built that water now needs to be removed in the pipes to prevent flooding or groundwater.

Trade effluent

Trade effluent is the liquid waste resulting from industrial production such as washing or cooling machinery, vehicles and floors and does not fall under waste water. In Scotland, this requires trade effluent consent from Scottish Water.

Laws relating to trade effluent dictate the type of disposed waste allowed and the volumes disposed of with a view to protecting the sewerage systems and the environment as a whole.

If your business requires trade effluent consent, Scottish businesses can apply through Scottish Water who will outline what and how much you are allowed to dispose of.

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