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Saving your business water & money

As a business customer, you pay for all of the water that passes through your meter (if you have one), so it makes good financial sense to ensure you are not letting any of it go to waste.

Some helpful tips and advice to help you cut costs

Most businesses view their water bill as a necessary expense, but the fact is that most business owners aren’t aware of how much water they actually waste. It’s worth pointing out that using less water will reduce your wastewater bill too. This is because your wastewater charges are calculated using the amount of water that goes through your meter.

Saving water is also good for the environment. Did you know that it takes vast amounts of energy to keep the water supply flowing to your premises, not to mention the rest of Scotland? This can have a huge impact on the environment. Wildlife in wetland habitats may also suffer when reservoir levels fall due to increased demand for water. Some simple steps could save you large amounts.

Here’s where your business could be wasting water:

  • Faulty taps dripping
  • Faulty ball valves causing cisterns to overflow
  • Urinals flushing throughout the night even though there is no one in the premises
  • Employees leaving taps running
  • Leaks which are not readily visible, e.g. in pipes that are buried underground or under floors

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