Improve your energy efficiency in six simple steps

Being energy efficient is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. It’s best practice to get in the rhythm of things sooner rather than later. And, in addition to reducing your business costs, as a bonus, it will also help you reduce your businesses impact on the environment. So, with that in mind we’ve come up these six simple ways to be more efficient with your business energy use…

1. Power up. Power down.

Set computers to go into sleep mode when they are not in use, or turn off the monitors manually. Screen savers do not actually reduce a monitor’s energy use. When replacing electronic equipment and office appliances, look for the energy star mark for the maximum energy efficiency.

2. Let There Be Light.

This seems a really obvious one but turning off lights in any room that isn’t in use. Why not even encourage employees with a simple incentive? Any reduction in electricity bills could be used towards staff treats or even fund a night out. Another suggestion is to replace standard light bulbs with energy-saving bulbs (CFLs), which not only uses less energy, but last 10 times longer.

3. Warm-Up. Cool-Down.

Keep the office area cool in the summer, close curtains and blinds to block direct sunlight entering your building and the opposite will work in the winter. Did you know that a drop of just 5 degrees for 8 hours or more can save up to 10 percent of your heating costs? So make it a priority to drop the thermostat when closing for the day.

4. Green champions.

Most companies have fire wardens so why not nominate an energy warden? Have one person who does regular checks on energy waste in their department and ask them to produce informal reports on what can be improved/areas of wastage etc.

5. Make it a thing.

Just like with clocking in and clocking out of a job role and its responsibilities; ensure everyone in the business is aware of their energy saving responsibilities. Make it clear how important it is to the company, so that they will do all they can to save energy.

6. Be on board from the director’s board.

Make sure any energy saving ideas or incentives come from the very top and that the management are also taking part. Employees are far more likely to engage with energy saving if they can see the rules apply to everyone. Lead from the front and all that.