Clear Business offers two great ADSL broadband packages of up to 17 Mbps[1] – simply choose the one that suits your business.

If you’re unsure which package to take, you can start with the Essential, asses your usage (no over usage charged for the first two months) and if your business requires it, then upgrade to Unlimited for FREE.

  • Inclusive wireless router.[2]
  • No activation fee.
  • UK based tech support.


20 GB usage limit[3]

£7.99 per month.

Ex VAT. Line Rental is an additional £12.99 per month.


Unlimited usage[4]

£14.99 per month.

Ex VAT. Line Rental is an addition £12.99 per month.


For more informationREQUEST A

[1] Download speeds quoted are based upon over 10% of users on the network achieving these speeds.

[2] A delivery fee of £7.99 will be charged. If you terminate your contract with Clear Business and you have taken a router which is not returned within 14 days of termination, in good condition and suitable packaging, you will be charged £50.

[3] £2 per GB over limit charge applies.

[4] Clear Business Telecoms operates a fair usage policy for its Unlimited Broadband and Fibre packages. You will incur no additional charge or suspension of service as a consequence of exceeding any usage threshold. If Clear Business believe that your use of the Service is adversely affecting the network (or any part of it) or other customers, then Clear Business may moderately regulate your usage.

[5] There is no contractual commitment to Clear Business within the first 30 days of service allowing you to evaluate how good our services are. If you choose to leave Clear Business during the trial period you will be required to pay for any equipment and service charges incurred during the period we supplied you, but there would be no penalty for ending the agreement early. Fibre products and the lines on which they are supplied are excluded from the 30 day trial.

[6] Speeds based on over 10% of users on the network achieving these speeds. The actual speed you will receive is subject to line distance from the principal connection point to your premises and line quality. Speeds vary significantly by location. External factors e.g. internet congestion and premises wiring can also significantly affect speed. An engineer will need to attend your premises to complete the connection. On the day the work is scheduled to be completed you will experience a temporary interruption to your telephone service and any existing broadband connection you may have. You must have a router with a VDSL Modem to connect to your fibre broadband. If you do not have one, we will supply one and a £7.99 delivery charge will apply. Fibre Broadband is subject to exchange availability.

For information on our Number Portability Compensation Scheme please click here.